Coolant Magnetic Separator

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Coolant Magnetic Separator

Coolant is being an undetachable part of milling and grinding industries and to ensure purification of the used coolant is also unavoidable process to prevent the hazardous in the expensive machinery. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of magnetic separator have designed an advanced technology adopted coolant magnetic separator employ in several milling and grinding industries to purify the coolant liquid of very fine ferrous particles. Additionally, our coolant magnetic separator ensures continuous flow of coolant liquid enhances the service life of the machine and reduces the overall operational cost of the grinding machine.

During the operation of the coolant magnetic separator, used coolant present in the grinding machine goes through the filter that separates the course particles from the coolant. On the next level the filleted liquid enters into the inlet embedded with coolant magnetic separator, wherein the coolant drum equipped with the permanent magnets rotates at a lower speed in the reverse direction to the flow of the liquid. During the rotation process the strong magnetic field of the separator catch the iron tramps which afterwards scrapped from the poles with aid of the brass scrapper embedded at the end of the machine. At last the iron tramps dispatched in the special box attached in the machine. These separators are used in automotive and chemical industries for removing ferrous particles from coolant liquid to ensure smooth functioning of the machines.         

Matchless aspects of Coolant Magnetic Separator:
  • Defined separation
  • highly efficient
  • hassle free operation
  • low cost
Application area of Coolant Magnetic Separator:

Purify Minerals and Chemicals, Food and Flour, Plastics, Grains, Sand, Fertilizers, Abrasives, Glass, Slag, Ores, Rock, Refractory.

Note :- We as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Coolant Magnetic Separator offer Customization option on customer’s request and adhere to the requirement to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Coolant Magnetic Separator
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