Over Band Magnetic Separator

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Over Band Magnetic Separator

As a leading magnetic separator manufacturer, supplier, exporter bring out over band magnetic separator which is an ideal solution of automatic ferrous contamination removal. We have adopted the permanent magnetic to accomplish automatic removal, if automation does not require, considering fixed permanent suspension magnets would be an ideal choice. Our success in manufacturing impeccable overband magnetic separator is the result of our team efforts to understand need of various industries and considering speed of the belt, nature of the product, density, its granulomerty which is being an imperative aspect of various industries while opting on the ovarband magnetic separator.

Overband magnetic separator is equipped with the eye bolts cross belt by which mounting of the magnetic separator is achievable. During the operation the dry granules of the material are fed onto the conveyor belt and move forward, the ferrous contaminants are conveyed to the side of the conveyor, which are released to a collection bin by aid of the cleated belts. Our overband magnetic separator boasts the self cleaning feature which omits the manual cleaning requirement, resulted in reduced downtime.

Matchless aspects of OverBand Magnetic Separator:
  • Robust
  • effective
  • low maintenance
  • high speed
Application area of OverBand Magnetic Separator:

Purify Minerals and Chemicals, Food and Flour, Plastics, Grains, Sand, Fertilizers, Abrasives, Glass, Slag, Ores, Rock, Refractory

Note :- We as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of OverBand Magnetic Separator offer Customization option on customer’s request and adhere to the requirement to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Over Band Magnetic Separator
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